Meet Réjouissance

Réjouissance was founded in 1995 by Halifax musicians Karen Langille and Ivor Rothwell, both long time members of Symphony Nova Scotia. The ensemble specializes in the performance of 17th and 18th century music on period instruments, in historically informed style.

The name “Réjouissance,” used by 18th century composers as a title for certain especially delightful pieces, means rejoicing or merrymaking, sensibilities the ensemble strives to instill in their performances. Often, the musicians perform in 18th century costume and by candle light.

Réjouissance draws most of its repertoire from the vast collections of European instrumental music; from early 17th century Italian composers such as Uccellini and Fontana , to great 18th century German masters like Bach, Handel and Telemann.

Musical offerings include trio sonatas, solo sonatas, early instrumental dances and early song settings, occasionally enhanced with the addition of a crumhorn.

The group has been heard on CBC Radio 2, both locally and nationally, and has appeared in historical venues throughout Nova Scotia.

Some musicians in Rejouissance also play in Symphony Nova Scotia.

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