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Early Music Groups in Nova Scotia

Crousetown Players (mixed ensemble)
Anja Pearre, 422-7879

Halifax Baroque Ensemble (mixed ensemble)
Dr. David Wilson, 445-2756

Hausmusik (mixed ensemble)
Anja Pearre, 422-7879

Mercredi (broken consort, recorders and viols)
Nancy Carr, 477-9839

Mostly Telemann (mixed ensemble)
Chris Helleiner, 429-0213

Musique 400 (mixed ensemble)
Phil Roberts, Annapolis Royal, 902-532-7778

Night Music on Elm Street (recorder consort) 
Bridget Thomas, 422-0149

Recorder Retinue (recorder consort)
Ivor Rothwell, 446-0614
Audio samples: La Porta (Canale), La Barbisonia (Canale) (mp3 clips, 532KB each)

(professional) (website)
Ivor Rothwell, 446-0614

Tempest (professional)
Kirsty Money, 492-4522

Notice Board

CD collection for sale
Large number of CDs and cassettes for sale. The repertoire is renaissance and baroque music, both vocal and instrumental, including works by Vivaldi, Rameau, Lully, Charpentier and especially Handel. The price is $1 per CD or cassette. Anyone who is interested may contact vmb@ns.sympatico.ca

Recorder Retinue - Recorder and early music class welcomes new members with an interest in exploring Renaissance and Baroque music, played in appropriate historical style. Experience in both F and C recorders. Cost: $100 for ten classes. Meets Tuesdays at 4:30pm, contact below for location. Contact: Ivor Rothwell, 446-0614.

Rejouissance (website) - Early Music Ensemble, available for receptions, conventions, private parties, and any occasion where early music suits your taste. Prices available on request. Contact: Ivor Rothwell, 446-0614.

Ivor Rothwell - Recorder player, bassoonist and teacher is available for private lessons, single-session ensemble coaching, recorder technique / early music stylistic performing seminars. Contact: 446-0614.

Marjorie Willison - Soprano voice, available to sing for weddings, funerals, birthdays. Contact: 477-6102.

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